I had the lovely job of creating some new branding for a fellow SJPoole member. Bron from Multiple Success came to me with a loose brief for a logo. Her business is all about empowering and supporting people back to work and into life and dealing with day to day struggles, especially for those who suffer with MS, something very close to Bron's heart.

Bron gave me a mood board of ideas. Colours and branding and just things she liked. I listened to the way she talked about her life and her business, and this is what gives me the insight into what motivates and drives my clients, as they talk i paint a picture in my head of how I see them if they were a logo. This is where the journey begins for any branding.

Bron, like others who come to me, had a slight idea of what they wanted, but not much really and basically put their trust in me to translate everything they say into one single logo.

No pressure! It really isn't, I absolutely love the challenge.

When I presented the design to Bron, she said she was speechless, she had thought about incorporating a Phoenix somewhere, but it wasn't something she had actually mentioned to me, so when she saw the logo I'd created, it was a little spooky! Her strapline was

" Inspiring people to rise out of life's challenges"

Naturally I visualised a bird in flight, and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, with a new zest for life, it seemed fitting. The colours are an indication to look at life in full colour.

Here are the presented designs for Bron, and indeed what she accepted. Wishing you all the best in your new venture Bron

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