Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote *sad face*. this is mainly becasue i've been so busy! *smiley face*

One of the latest additions to my portfolio is this gorgeous new branding for a local pub with a restaurant. I collaborated with a dear friend and very respected marketeer Debra Nightingale of All Bright Communications. We work incredibly well together and I throughly enjoy receiving her extremely detailed and well put together briefs.

Debra came to me with a new project for The Carpenters Arms in Slapton. This beautiful pub in the tranquil village of Slapton has been fighting it's own battle to stay alive and we feel honoured that we can once again put this beautiful old pub right back into the heart of the village of Slapton.

The lease has been taken on by an extraordinary chef, Kabby. He acted as personal chef to the sports hero and film star Vinnie Jones and delivered top quality cuisine in the world class Glass House restaurant at the 5-star Grove Hotel near Watford. However, after three years at the Crown in Stony Stratford, he has been tempted back to the area where he grew up and to the Carpenters Arms, with a desire to bring his passion for food to Slapton and the surrounding communities. Someone once said, "You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.", and Kabby their chef develops his weekly menus based on this principle.

The pub itself has had a complete make-over. Part of this make over was to give it a new lease of life with some delicious traditional branding with a modern twist.

Debra had the idea that she wanted something to feel hand drawn , a watercolour, she needed it to appear somewhere but at the time we were both unsure of where, was it to be the logo in it's entirety or just an additional design asset? After maaaaaahaaany designs, I decided to screw it up in a ball, and start again, something just wasn't working, we both agreed. So I took pencil to paper and redrew The Carpenters Arms frontage, the building itself is just so beautiful and 'chocolate boxy', but we needed it to be a bit more edgy. So with some artistic licence, I drew it as I thought it may have once looked, and I wanted to share my design process with you...

Pencil to paper... this was the original sketch

From there I opened my trusty Adobe Illustrator and doodled over the top and cleaned it all up, I then merged the two, turned the black to dark blue, added some water colour in the traditional flag colours of Kabby's home country and voila! - It really wasn't as easy as it sounds..

Once the Main illustration was finished I then went ahead and chose type faces and some additional design elements to finish it off.

An entire branding sheet was then created, with colour palettes, Submarks, type faces and logo layout variations. From then we created, multiple adverts for newspapers, social media and magazines. Business cards, flyers and feedback cards, ( a full gallery will be available soon in my portfolio)

New branding wouldn't be complete without a shiny new website. It includes sample menus and beautiful photography and a new feature to reserve and book your table online, why don't you? Reserve your table today, the food is incredible! www.thecarpentersarms-slapton.co.uk.

Thank you for reading

The full branding sheet - supplied with full branding packages, please contact me for more information

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