Now this, is a fun project, something to really get my creative juices flowing!

Louise Salmon first came to me with her idea, she wanted to create a new kind of Christmas party for Corporates. Say goodbye to those dull 3 course meals and the dreary setting with bad christmas crackers and cheesy music, and step into this magical world that is 'Scandinavia'. The lush Uk countryside (not far from MK) will be transformed into a Scandi haven, with Giant pop -up Tipi's filled with local Artisan Street food caterers and bars, there will be live music and chill out areas, plus so much more, sounds AMAzing doesn't it!

My brief was to create a logo and website initially, to promote and sell Scandinavia Tickets for the up and coming 2018 Christmas 5 week event.

Louise had an idea of what she wanted, something whimsical and elegant, she really likes the 'bouncy' fonts, (scripty ones that are really on trend and the moment) she wanted something christmas and wintery.

As with most of my briefs, I build an image in my head as my client describes what they are after...in this case, I did produce a couple of ideas for her with what she had asked for - being completely honest (and I'm pretty sure Louise won't mind me saying so) - I didn't think it was the right look for the event she was describing, and I don't think she was head over heels in love either. So, I asked if she'd mind me working on another idea I had, all I said was 'I'm thinking Antlers' (so descriptive) I was actually quite excited about the creating what I could clearly see in my head, colours, the look, what the print would look like, the feeling you'd get from the site, all of it and then presenting her with it, hoping it would get the reaction I was aiming for.

Naturally Louise said 'Yep sure, by all means throw me a curve ball" HAHA! I'm like a kid given free run of the sweet shop, onwards to my Mac, I crack open illustrator and get to work.

After many, many hours, maybe days - I presented her with her logo, to which she said ...and I quote:

'I LOVE IT!" " Love the colours used, Looks really high end, I prefer the curve ball it looks like a brand now. Amazing!"

That was the reaction I was hoping for, I'll just wait for her glowing testimonial now ;)

We are currently putting together a gorgeous brochure (visuals of the idea below) and hoping to get that done and dusted soon so that Louise can get promoting! In the mean time please head over to the website www.scandinaviaevents.co.uk.

See her new brand below

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