February 17, 2018

I've known Rosie for a few years now as she teaches my little one how to swim  - and me sometimes as i'm totally useless!


Rosie came to me recently and asked me if I would design her a logo for her new 1-2-1 swimming classes for children and adults.


So she said what she liked about other companies logos and that she wanted to include a fish, and that was about it, totally normal and actually I sometimes prefer briefs like that. It was obvious it needed to be 'Rainbow' in colour ways but I was conscious that it needed to remain professional and not look like like a hot mess! 


So, as i love a challenge i came up with this, Rosie instantly loved it and it was an immediate sign off. The best way to do business is to get it right the first time.


 I then went on to develop a few solid colour way versions. Rosie will need to have this printed on to wetsuits and merchandise so it may not always be possible to have the rainbow colours..


 Then I created a lovely colour leaflet to promote her business...








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