A fast growing and popular Facebook group to support local mums in Milton Keynes; Mum to Mum has grown dramatically over the last year to a whopping 17,000 following, it was time Samantha Poole developed her brand.

As a mum, I needed support and guidance from time to time. I searched Facebook to find support groups and stumbled upon Mum to Mum Milton Keynes. I now visit it daily and it;s where my every growing list of weird 'mum questions' get answered; from finding out why my child won't eat today, to discovering the nearest Playground to let my toddler run wild. Now I'm starting to realise that this tight-knit community of mums was actually quite liberating.

Being a single parent I searched for friends to help me through the minefield of mumhood, this group gave that to me. Some days, I just went on to find out who else was struggling, I'd hopefully help them and in return i'd feel less neurotic and alone in the madness that parenting can bring, plus, helping compete strangers gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I went on to discover that Sam hosted many networking events for local businesses to get together and other businesses that advertise with her, to showcase their facilities and services. As a mum in business myself, everything Sam's group stood for resonated with me and I was eager to discover more.

I met Sam at one of her many Mum to Mum networking events in Milton Keynes. We hit it off from the get-go and I knew that not only creating her Mum to Mum identity would be a breeze and an honour, but that a wonderful friendship and business relationship would surely flourish.

Since entering the hurricane working mum life, It has been one of my goals to help other mums in business. It's so important that we support and help one another, what better people to work with than those that are standing in the exact same shoes as you. Having clients that understand our commitments and priorities makes doing business easier - meaning less apologies for being a mum and more understanding and compassion for each other's journey of juggling life, parenting and business.

We are hoping to work together in helping other new mums and dads in business, so watch this space, great things WILL happen for all of us.

This is just the start of our adventure, I'm pleased to share our designs and i wish Sam and all the other Mums in business out there, every success moving forward.

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