In today's world there are so many applications out there that enable you to create a logo yourself, but is this really the right option for you? 


Yes, it might be cheaper but ask yourself, is this really going to be the unique branding that ultimately sets me apart from all the others, and will it truly reflect my company's tone, mission statement and vision?


I'd say NO, of course it won't.


Understandably when you're starting up or thinking of rebranding, the most important thing on your mind is budget, can we afford it? 


Branding and company image are not something you should scrimp on. Take shop's for an example; when you look in a shop window you are judging everything there, you are making a split decision, if you like what you see. If you find it aesthetically pleasing, some will even judge if they would even bother walking into a shop if it doesn't meet their expectations. Do you ever look at a company on the internet and think, I wouldn't shop there or use their services I'm not sure it's entirely professional or established? 


You're probably thinking, do people really judge like that?


Unfortunately, yes, when it comes to company image, we most certainly do. 









The answer is simple because you will get what you need, what is right and what you want, you won't compromise.


I have had years of experience in designing logos and branding, It's not an easy job to do but it's so very enjoyable. I take great pride in creating all types of collateral for my clients.


When I design a logo from scratch, I take everything into consideration. I like to get to know you and your values, your personality and any ideas and aspirations you have. It's so very important that you shine through in your logo. 


Often clients come to me with absolutely no clue what they would like, this is the perfect scenario for me, in fact, when they come with a strict brief it sometimes limits the possibilities,  I'd say have an open mind. 


I know only too well what it is like to start a new business, it's a daunting task ,and you may not always know what you want or need. I'm not just a designer, I'm also a supporting business owner myself and having years of experience seeing other businesses grow, I come with a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn't. It doesn't just stop at Logo's it's important to keep the branding synonymous in everything you do. 


My packages include options for all budgets and circumstances. Whether you are starting out or thinking of re-branding, I can help you. Ask me about payment plans, I can help there too. 







I have a unique way of presenting my designs to my clients, I offer online approval service with password protected pages. On this page, you will find your Logo and Branding design and in some cases depending on what package you go for, I include 'Mock-Ups' of websites, business cards and other marketing collateral. This is to ensure you get a feel for how your logo would work on and in different applications, backgrounds and presentations.  


I think presenting a  logo that isn't displayed as it may appear in the real world is like showing a picture of a car without sitting in it and driving it and expecting you to buy it.


This is why my service stands out from others, I want you to see what I see, and how I can see your brand developing and evolving.





What can I help with?

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I'll always follow your brief, but don't be afraid to ask for a curveball, my client now calls me 'Curveball Kate' because I have a habit of throwing something into the mix that you may not even think of, but may end up loving.


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February 17, 2018

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