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The first step is I need to thoroughly understand your business, your business goals, your customers and their expectations and behaviour, and how your website factors into all of it. I'll also take into consideration what you would like to achieve in the look and feel of your site, perhaps there are other sites you like or have the functionality you'd like to see on yours. The more information you provide me the better. This stage will give me the foundation for moving forward with correct recommendations for the design and development of your new website.



Once we’re armed with this information -  If this is not supplied in your initial brief -  I can then work on the flow of your site, how pages interact, what pages do what and what call to actions etc are required. For this I'll supply a Schematic diagram, this ensures that we are all 'singing off the same hymn sheet'. When it comes to supplying copy and content to me for the site, this will prove invaluable in communication.


For larger sites - From this a wireframe is created, this put simply is the skeleton of your site, it has no design it is just the bones, this allows you to put content and image suggestions in a nice easy way to sign everything off before the pages are built


Design, Development & Testing


This is where it gets interesting, usually with website design projects, these two elements are separate and development comes after the design, not with my sites and not with a WIX site, the first two go hand in hand, this cuts down a lot of time, the testing is a no-brainer really, and why would I design and build a site and then not test it? I don't see this should be an additional cost, and believe it or not, some companies charge extra for that.  As a client, you would be involved in the testing, especially when it comes to form submissions.


Once the schematics are done and I know what goes where I can then start on the initial design visuals. Normally this would be supplied as flat visuals with no life, not when I do it, once again because I am using WIX, I can present you live design visuals, this gives you a much better idea of how it will all work and look.





Due to the amazing tool that I am working with, this all comes as part of the package, well the basic SEO does, so, what I tend to do is tag and title up all of your pages, making the google listings appear as they should, I also name all of your images where applicable to help Google correctly display relevant images in searches, and I push your site to Google. This is all done within the WIX platform and could actually be done by you but, if I weren't to do it, it would be like supply a car with no wheels...

I can, however, go beyond this, and do cost for a full SEO package, but this would absolutely depend on your business objectives, this would have to be a separate conversation, and actually a separate job entirely.



Once everything is designed, approved and ready to go live, I'll assist and manage the purchasing of your Wix account if this has not already been done, the domain and then finally the transfer of ownership to you. If you wish, I can remain a contributor which then allows me to help and access your site moving forward if you were to chose any ongoing maintenance services. The transferal of ownership means, you have control over willing, domain renewals and the like, which is great for small businesses that don't want to fork out for hefty agency bills each year, just to push some paper around.


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