Senior Print and Digital Graphic Designer

In the business for 17 years
Wish  I had hips like that!

Ever since I can remember, I have always had an eye for art. As a young girl I used to always follow the Blue Peter, 'Here's one I made earlier!' part of the show, where I always found an excellent use for a toilet roll - my parents loved me!  


I have always had an ' I can make that!' attitude and will always give it a go, from decorating my own home to sewing clothes. Over the years all of my skills have developed and I still adopt the same mantra, every day is a school day! Is no task impossible?


After running my school dry of art supplies and totally irritating my father for all the mess I was making at home I thought I'd get a job. I originally wanted to be a make-up artist when I left school but instead, went for the closest apprenticeship I could find, hairdressing, my first job. If anything it taught me people skills, a much-needed life lesson -  I was a bit of a wallflower in my youth. 


Once I almost finished my apprenticeship, I landed myself a job as a customer service assistant in a marketing agency, this is where my love of design was nurtured and where it all really began. I worked for years, redundancies meant I had to job hop a lot, which was no bad thing, as it just broadened my experience and honed my skills, till eventually in 2009 I started on my own. I have been designing for 17 years now and thoroughly enjoy it.

Frillie originally formed back in 2009, although back then it was called Frilly Design and had a horrifically ugly logo, nope, never going to show that one!


I successfully ran my business for 5 years before moving to London and taking a job with one of my client's and built and managed their design team, (I needed a change of scenery and some hands-on experience in the ever-evolving digital world) They specialised in Email Marketing and were one of the fastest growing business of its time, and still is, now globally dominating the email marketing sector, I worked there for nearly 3 years and loved it.


Somehow though, I was always drawn back to running my own business. 


I reformed Frillie after I had my son Oliver, it sits comfortably alongside the role of 'Mum'.  Many of my original Frilly clients are as loyal as ever. Most of my new work is a referral, which I think, is quite probably the highest compliment one can receive.


Well, there was this boss of mine..... 


I worked for a large format print, exhibition and signage company as a Production and Pre-press Manager -  one of my many jobs, and my boss at the time, ( a very dear friend of mine now) decided to start calling my office, the 'Frilly Cuffs department' , a cheeky comment referring to the fact that, those designer types wear frilly cuffs such as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen back in the 'Change That' days.  Frilly cuffs turned to Frilly and it stuck. Even my clients call me Frillie, spelt IE now because I couldn't get my old domain back, and because my actual name is Katie spelt with an IE and not a Y, it makes sense...